Pre-Operative Surgical Instructions

PRE-OP Instructions: Please review preop instructions prior to surgery. Try to pick up your prescriptions prior to surgery so you’ll have them ready for you when you get home. DO NOT EAT OR DRINK 6 hours before. Take your daily medications (i.e. blood pressure medication) with sips of water. Wear a short sleeved shirt and comfortable shoes. No flip-flops and no jewelry. Make sure you have a driver (someone you know and trust) to pick you up. Your driver will need to listen to Post-Operative instructions. No rideshare service or Taxi. For further details please click here.

Parking Garage: Our parking garage is located on the first floor. You can enter the garage from Catalpa St. For further details please click here.

Payment:  Payment will be due at the time of service.  We accept MC, VISA, Discover Care Credit and Personal Checks.  We need to see Payor’s ID for checks & credit cards.  For Care Credit, we need account holder to be present and to bring an ID and another major credit card as a 2nd form of ID (We will not charge this credit card). For further details please click here.

COVID Information: Please wear a mask. Due to COVID-19 we are only allowing one additional person per patient. For further details please click here.